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What we do

  • Full scale viking ship
    Full scale viking ship
  • Weapons and Armour
    Weapons and Armour
  • Outdoor Beach location Shooting
    Outdoor Beach location Shooting
  • Period Wardrobe
    Period Wardrobe
  • Domestic and Exotic Animals
    Domestic and Exotic Animals
  • Set Building
    Set Building
  • Ad Video Production Team
    Video Services
  • BTS Interviews
    BTS Interviews
  • Hair and Makeup
    Hair and Makeup
  • Period Wardrobe
    Period Wardrobe
  • Extra's Casting
    Extra's Casting
  • Exotic Animals
    Exotic Animals
  • Hair and Makeup
    Hair and Makeup
  • Permits and Road Closures
    Permits and Road Closures
  • Outdoor location Services
    Outdoor location Services
  • Indoor Set Dec and Special Effects
    Indoor Set Dec and Special Effects
  • Video Production
    Video Production
  • Vintage Cars
    Vintage Cars
  • Video Production and Green Screen
    Video Production and Green Screen
  • Digital Services
    Digital Services
  • shooting equipment
  • Location Services
    Location Services
  • services-pic-5
  • we make it happen in any weather
    we make "it" happen in any weather ;-)
  • Hair, Makeup, Talent, Wardrobe and Crew Trailers
    Hair, Makeup, Talent, Wardrobe and Crew Trailers
  • Indoor car shooting
    Indoor car shooting
  • Vintage Cars
    Vintage Cars

EZ Productions offers highly personalized photography and Video services worldwide. Our team understands that production is about providing professional, first-class customer service. Our “We Make “IT” Happen” attitude sets us apart. We specialize in all types of print & Video production including, but not limited to advertising, publicity, and editorial.


• Art Direction
• Budget Management
• Casting and Talent Booking
• Catering & Craft Service
• Creative Consultant
• Crews
• Digital Capture Management
• Estimates
• International Carnets & Visas
• Location Scouting
• Motor Homes
• Photo Equipment Rentals
• Post Production
• Production Coordination
• Production Vehicles
• Rate Negotiations
• Red Carpet Events
• Securing Locations and Permits
• Set & Talent Security
• Studios
• Talent Escorts
• Travel Arrangements
• Video Production Support